Working with Emotional Energy Hooks in Dreams

Dreams Can Warn about manipulation

Recognizing the Emotional Hook in Dreams

Have you ever felt that someone was trying to “hook” you in making a particular response by making appreciative comments or gestures that subtly projected a threat if you did not comply with what this person wanted?

We all want to be loved, appreciated or complimented. However when someone sends a signal of so-called love or appreciation that contains a hidden hook, watch out!  It is easy to be snared and the gesture may be interpreted as “that person really admires or likes me.”  Actually, what is really being sent is the message that “I want to control you.” Sometimes, only your gut or dreams will know the answer when this person is a proficient manipulator.

Dreams Get below the Surface, See the Threat and Provide Solutions

One of the great advantages of being in tune with dreams is that our dreams can see through any phony affection that attempts to dominate. Also, they can alert us when we might be vulnerable to manipulation by this form of control because some of our own internal archetypes need healing.

Recently, I had the experience of someone trying to control my actions. This person sent me a most charming and affectionate email requesting that I be at a certain gathering.  I was not attending—something I had already talked about with this person. However, as soon as I got the email, I didn’t feel missed or appreciated. I felt an icky feeling that was the warning this person had tried to “hook” me. I checked my response out with an astute and emotionally intelligent friend who agreed there was a hook in that email. I began to think it wasn’t my imagination.

The experience recalled to me a dream I had just had of this email sender aiming a big ray gun at me. The icky feeling I had in the dream was just this icky feeling I got when I got the email, making me realize I had been “x-rayed” with a bolt of negative energy. Later, I was blessed with another dream that gave advice on how to deal with this person: in groups and never alone. So now, I do group emails with this person and am never alone dealing with this person.

With Dreams, Inner Often Equals Outer

The dream of the ray gun made me realize that person had awakened an archetype of negative energy within me that could harm me if left gone unchecked. Essentially, a part of me could hurt another part. My dream of dealing with this person in groups inspired me to enlist the help of all the wise and good parts of myself and my spiritual guides to help dealing with this potentially self-destructive energy within myself.

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