Working With Dream Themes: Toilet Dreams and the Spiritual Journey

Dreams  of toilets are common in dreams.

Toilet: A Common Symbol in Dreams

One of the most common symbols in my dreams over the years has been the toilet. In dreams, I have seen twelve toilets lined up, toilets that are clean, toilets that are filthy, and even a toilet with a lei draping the seat! This morning, I had a dream of attending a presentation where I was told I had a special ability—just the telling me about it was a gift in itself—but not before I had to look for and use the toilet! In the dream I did this and then entered the presentation hall.

If anyone is on a serious spiritual journey, he or she most likely will have dreams about the humble toilet, such as looking for a toilet, using one, or even using one in front of a lot of people. The symbol of the toilet can mean many things but certainly it is tied to releasing toxins, waste and other things that are no longer useful to us but may serve some other fertile purpose.

It is important to ask what the symbol means in your life. In my case, the dream above was telling me I would need to release something before I was ready to receive the ability and the special gift, and that I could do it. The dream is also telling me that in my waking life, I can expect to experience the release of something, perhaps a strong feeling, or a letting go of something I was holding on to before. Almost invariably, it does happen because there is such a strong congruence between what is happening in our dreams and in our waking life. Writing down dreams regularly in a dream journal will allow one to see this deep and intimate connection. And yes, those twelve toilets lined up have come to symbolize my equivalent of the Twelve Labors of Hercules, the spiritual challenges we are given to do in this life. Releasing and letting go is not an easy task and is much needed on the spiritual path. So appreciate your toilet dreams; they may have much to tell you about your spiritual journey.