Dreams Can Forecast a Kundalini Event

Kundalini is often portrayed as a snake

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Kundalini energy is a phenomenon of the human experience that has probably been around as long as humans have walked the earth.  In the Indian sub-continent, peoples have been working with and exploring this energy for thousands of years.  In other cultures, it has often gone unrecognized in its own right, and its expression in the soul, mind and body has been misdiagnosed as madness, emotional disorder or disease–even to the present day.   The Hindus, who know the most about it from studying it so long, say it is the powerful life force energy latent in all of us that appears in everyone in small degrees to maintain heath and procreation.  In some people, it bursts forth with great power, totally transforming the lives of those that experience it, bringing unique gifts. Unfortunately, the power can bring great havoc spiritually, psychologically and physically if a person is not prepared and does not understand what is happening.   This series of blogs on kundalini is aimed to help people detect and prepare for kundalini long before the energy shows itself.

Dreams Can Forecast Oncoming Kundalini

Dreams are perhaps the best indicators that a kundalini event is forthcoming–often years before the energy will be felt in the dreamer–because dream images symbolize different energies in the body’s energy field.  If one knows common symbols for kundalini in dreams, one can be warned and prepared.  This will be a real help for meeting the profound changes to come.

It is only one great benefit that ongoing dreamwork provides.  Another is getting to recognize your personal symbols for the energies operating and influencing your mind, body and spirit.  Should you be destined for a kundalini event in your life, you can find that your dreams will forecast this in symbols that both are common to others for this event and symbols that are unique to yourself.  At the present, it is important to learn the common symbols.  In my next blog on kundalini, I will write about the common symbols for kundalini that appear in dreams.

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Nightmares: Everybody’s Nocturnal Dragon

Nightmares are the dragons of the soul.

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You are not alone if you have or have had nightmares. Everyone has them from time to time, and many people are literally jolted awake by their power and intensity. Quite often, nightmares are the vehicles that bring people into dreamwork, and that is a good thing. Working with nightmares is the best way to mine the gifts hidden within them. Ignoring nightmares often makes them worse, especially if they turn into unwelcome repetitive visitors.

What to do if you have a nightmare:
  • Remember that nightmares are most often blessings in disguise. They are trying to tell you something that is very important to you. Often, the content of nightmares represents emerging consciousness of something or someone we didn’t know about before. This presentation of new information is in itself an indication for the possibility of growth or even transformation. The fact that the dream is a nightmare may mean you are just having a hard time accepting this new awareness.
    Dream Example:
    I am in a house that has caught fire. Flames are shooting up behind and alongside me, but to the front of me I see an open door leading to escape.
  • Before you begin to think that you will actually be caught in a burning house, look at all the symbols, the theme and process of the nightmare. Often nightmares contain clues which will provide insight that will help support our acceptance of, or even ease, the new awareness.
  • Make associations with the energy in the dream. What in your waking life is full of fire, or burning you? Could there be an untenable work situation that makes you “burn” to the point it is hurting you? In relation to that, can you see an exit to get you out of that harmful or uncomfortable situation? If it is work, look around. There may be an avenue of escape such as a new opportunity. In that case, in waking life open your eyes to look for the exit.
  • Reflect on the meanings in light of the associated context in your waking life. Ask what insight you dream is trying to give you. In this case the dream is trying to tell you how to resolve this “burning issue” in waking life: you can escape, and get out.

In my experience with dreams, I have found that it is the nightmares that provide the greatest opportunities for healing, blessing and resolution of major issues in life. They are the dragons that contain the hidden treasure. And it is your job as the warrior dreamer to tackle the dragon!

The Bible, Dreams and Spirituality

In Dreams: A Way to Listen to God Morton Kelsey says, “…the Church has developed no theory that can bring the spiritual world closer to human beings.” This is a powerful statement. One would think that it would be a primary function of Christian religions to do this. Instead, the mainline Christian churches have traditionally offered biblical and theological studies which provide intellectual and cultural understandings of Christianity, but have moved away from experiential forms of spirituality which might let us personally “taste and see” the glory of God. I think this is one reason so many people have left mainstream Christianity to explore yoga, meditation and other experiential approaches to connecting to something greater.  Yet, as Kelsey points out in his book, dreams have always been part of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and he heartily recommends using them as a spiritual methodology to bring the spiritual world closer to us.

It’s not like the spiritual world isn’t trying to contact us. It does so nightly in our dreams! But how few people make an attempt to remember their dreams, and of those who do, how few make it a practice to honor, record, reflect and learn from their dreams?

One only has to pick up a Bible and see the frequent references to dreams and the important role they played in shaping people’s lives. People who could interpret dreams, like Joseph and Daniel, were held in high esteem because it was thought that God spoke through dreams. In the Bible, the information received in dreams is shown to be very important such as in predicting times of flood or famine or helping a person in need. Joseph, the husband of Mary, was one of many who received an important message in a dream. He was told to not worry in taking Mary as his wife since the child she had conceived came in a most unusual way. All these characters in the Bible worked with and let dreams shape their lives—even when their lives depended upon it.

Perhaps, if we let God into our lives through our dreams, our lives would take on a much greater meaning and significance compared to the trivial and myopic views we hold in an uninformed waking life that is often driven by the demands of others as well as egoistic and material needs.