Biblical Symbols Appearing in Dreams

Biblical symbols can appear in dreams.

Moses and the Burning Bush. Image via Pinterest.

For persons who practice recording their dreams faithfully over a long period of time, an interesting observation may be made. It certainly happened to me. I noticed that many of the symbols in the Bible had a way of showing up in my dreams! If you keep a dream journal I suggest you review it for symbols in the Bible and review that symbol in relationship to the Biblical story to see what inspiration comes up. A profound and surprising spiritual meaning may surface—and you might have an epiphany of your own. To give an example, here are some Biblical symbols that have occurred in my dreams over the years and some of the meanings I ascribed to them after being influenced by the Biblical setting of the symbol.

An Object Mysteriously Burning (The Burning Bush: Exodus 3: 2-4)

Dream: I see a chair in my living room that has caught fire and is burning yet it is not burning up. It exudes a beautiful glow. I am amazed.
Reflection: I am readily reminded of the Burning Bush that amazes Moses and suspects that something within me has “lit up,” and won’t be consumed, bringing new energy with potential new awareness and insight. In the ensuing years, I was indeed the witness to profound insights and new energy.

A Pillar That Points the Way (The Pillar of Clouds by Day and the Pillar of Fire by Night: Exodus 13: 20-22)

Dream: I go to see the boss, quickly, in a business-like way. I see a black pillar before me as if it is leading me in the direction I need to go. I state my case to be able to move on. To show acknowledgement of my request, I am gifted with a necklace of oval shaped beads: black white and aqua.
Reflection: The boss is not my boss in waking life, giving me clues that this dream has a deeper meaning than just my work life. I recognize the pillar leading me as a symbol in Exodus that leads the people through the Wilderness so I suspect this has to do with my spiritual life, and I am being led. By stating I want to move on, I am showing that I am ready to move in a new direction spiritually. The gift of the necklace, a symbol for the throat chakra of communication suggests that I will be given a gift in communication such as writing or speaking. The colors of white and aqua are the traditional healing colors. I conclude I will be given a gift that involves healing. Indeed, over the next several years I was both healed in many different ways, and given the gift to heal others when called to do so, both in writing, speaking and touch.

I could give many more examples. It makes me wonder how much archetypal symbolism common in dreams is contained in the Bible, drawing us deeper into ourselves as we read the passages just as the dream symbols draw us deeper into ourselves as we reflect upon them.