Integrating the Kundalini Experience into Christian Practice

Christianizing Kundalini

The Cross and the Seven Chakras

A kundalini awakening, the release of the primal life force or mother energy, from the base of the spine and moving upward to the brain, is a human phenomenon experienced by some throughout the world but only fully recognized and studied in the Hindu culture as a process of spiritual transformation.   Therefore, when it happens to non-Hindus, it can be a confusing, troubling and even devastating event wreaking havoc in people’s lives, especially in those who do not seek out the awakening or understand its profound spiritual, emotional and physical meanings.   Moreover, kundalini is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed by doctors and psychologists, adding more suffering to those who live with often varied, bizarre and intense symptoms following the experience.

For a devout traditional Christian who finds out what has happened to him or her, it can be even more shocking because the experience is not articulated, promoted or condoned in the Bible or Christian teachings.  A reading of the lives of the saints, however, will tell us that many saints experienced kundalini symptoms on their spiritual journeys.

“Christianizing” Kundalini

A kundalini event, and the changed life that comes after, can be integrated into Christian practice and can greatly inform and aid the believer in spiritual, psychological and physical healing.   When kundalini energy works in the body, it works at the cellular level to cleanse the body of everything that doesn’t belong there—from negative thought patterns to illnesses of every sort.  It is a matter of believing something profound is going on and accepting a process that can at times be painful and disconcerting.  The ego’s defenses weaken by its onslaught, and eventually wear away.   What can the Christian do to bring this process into a Christian framework?

  • Many spiritual gifts will come with this event such as visions and the ability to see auras. Use these gifts to help you along.  For example, when my kundalini energy opened, I had a vision of Jesus standing by me, bringing peace to me during those first frightening symptoms such as intense migraines.  I knew instinctively that something spiritual was happening to me.  I was not “sick.”  I also received the gift to intuitively diagnose physical conditions.  I was told in dreamtime to use this whenever I encountered strange sensations in my body.
  • Therefore, If Jesus or a saint or angel appears, pray to this spiritual being to be your guide in working with the energy so that you may be transformed into the person you are meant to become. Your spiritual guide will provide guidance and support.
  • Pray using energy and healing concepts that blend Hindu and Christian beliefs, if you feel comfortable doing it. An example is my version (others have done something similar) of the Lord’s Prayer, written to show how the points of the prayer coincide with the seven chakras, or energy centers, of Hindu teachings.  Click here to see sample.
  • Do dreamwork by
    • Keeping a dream journal and reflecting on the dreams recorded. Dreams will let you know much about the purpose and the process of your kundalini experience.  They will let you know of the ups and downs, the flow of the energy and the progress you have made in working with the energy.  Also this website contains a number of articles on working with kundalini energy such as Symbols for Kundalini Energy in Dreams: Volcanoes.  Click on “Kundalini in Dreams” under the Topic menu to your left to find these articles as well as other related blogs in “Dreamwork and Christian Practice.”
    • Before going to bed, prayerfully request a dream that will guide you by asking for a certain dream to resolve a specific, stated issue related to the kundalini.

Read about others’ experiences.  I highly recommend a book by Philip St. Romain called Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality that describes not only his efforts to deal with the energy but also his attempts to integrate his understanding of this energy into Christian theology.  I have written a short online book digest for this book called Pioneering Christian Kundalini that can be found at The Intuitive-Connections Network website by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Integrating the Kundalini Experience into Christian Practice

  1. When I awakened, I felt moved to write. A forme seminarian saw the writing and suggested I read some early but largely unknown gospels from Christianity. There, I found nearly identical passages that were said to be quotes from Jesus. The more I read, the more I saw that some of these books were teachings by Jesus that had been pushed aside, largely unknown, for about 16-1700 years. And they dealt with awakening. “I say you must rise in the flesh” and, “It must rise while you are in the flesh or else you gain nothing in the other place when you die.” He spoke of ego death, he spoke of the twin forces of kundalini as “I an one with the father and mother.” It was then that I realized what I had known my whole life, which was that Christianity had hidden something really important, and really big, but growing up I just didnt know WHAT. And here it was, deep parables and direct teachings which constituted the ‘esoteric’ wing of Jesus. And his name for it was the kingdom.

    Irony for me is I didnt find out what I had from Hindu texts, but from Christian ones.

    Before this took place I had observed what was taking place inside me, and as I meditated, I coukd feel two forces in my body seeking to merge in union. That ecstatic union created or gave rise to a transcendent state, itself a third energy. I called these the “man, woman, and child” because of how they felt….two together creating a third, a child that was more thab the sum of their parts. When I read these gospels I realized I was experiencing the Trinity. Sadly, this is not the trinity that was taught down through time in the church. It is the missing element, the feminine aspect of this great mystery.

    So bravo for writing! I applaud your efforts, for deep within is the knowledge these disciples knew abd spoke of, the bridal chamber that Christ was birthed or begotten within.

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