The Contemplative Activist

Doing dreamwork diligently over a period of time can lead to a contemplative way of life that can affect our approach to religion.  As a practicing Christian who values a contemplative approach, this article speaks volumes about the necessity to bring depth and spirituality to our community of believers.  Thanks to Marty & Sandy Boller for the following article..

Moving our Life in Christ from the 3-B’s to the 3-C’s

Source: The Contemplative Activist

The Dreamwork Midwife: Knowing How to Get the Baby Out

This instructor suggests that dreams be used in education to bring out the deeper wisdom and creativity in all of us.  Hurrah!

Dear Fran,

At Tunghai University in Taiwan I teach an Ullman dream group course. In this course there are no lectures, quizzes, reading assignments, term papers, or final exams.  Everything the students learn comes from their own dreams.  Every three-hour class is an Ullman dream group.  At the semester’s end students tells in a video what they got from the class.  I post the videos on YouTube.  The students in one class turned the camera on me and in the attached video you can see what resulted.  Don’t neglect to scroll down and see what the students themselves said.

If you know others interested in dreams not for psychotherapy but for self-discovery please feel free to share the link with them.  I would love to hear from any others doing similar work.


William R. Stimson