Trump Politics and Absence of the Wise Old Woman Archetype

Crone Wisdom

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The archetype of the Wise Old Woman (Crone) is an important one both in our dreams and in the mythologies of the world. She is the psychic energy counterpart of the Wise Old Man, imparting feminine wisdom from age and the ages. Ideally, our world should have both energies functioning in the wonderful harmony of yin and yang among the female and male elders of our society.

In an age of patriarchy, this archetype is often oppressed because it rises up to challenge male energy when the Wise Old Man’s shadow side and negative characteristics become particularly strong or dominant. This oppression can be readily seen outwardly in the world around us with the subjugation and second class treatment afforded to women in so many places, and especially where wise feminine style leadership is needed to bring balance and harmony. Inwardly, it can be seen in our dreams if we dream of a woman, especially an older one, being oppressed or neglected.

It is not surprising that in all the photos of Donald Trump’s family you do not see a female counterpart to Donald Trump. It is very telling. This lady should be the emerging matriarch, possibly to become the matriarch of the Republican Party. And what is even more telling is that the current reigning matriarch, Barbara Bush, recently came out in a TV interview as being against Donald Trump.  She echoed so many women’s concerns when she asked what woman would want to vote for him?  It makes you wonder what wisdom of age and the ages will be missing if Trump becomes president? Wake Up America!

Dreamwork: A Path to Explore Outside the Box

Dreamwork: Pathway Out of the Box

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One of the best ways to get outside the box to discover new approaches and receive profound insights is to do dreamwork. There comes a time in our life when it becomes necessary to step beyond safe or confining boundaries because our world can no longer gives us the nurturing support we have come to expect. Sometimes our world, our box, often a fabrication of our making, can no longer give us the answers we need.

We grow up in a world that is our own box, at first sustained by family, friends and community, and then later by ourselves. We learn how to navigate through this world and work with its rules. As we become citizens of this box, and even experts and using it to our advantage, we strive to enjoy and run things in this world of our box, taking pride in what we can accomplish. But at some point, the box either gets too confining or we are kicked out by others who control the box, illness, old age or fate itself.  We no longer belong in the box.  This is when dreamwork can be very helpful because dreams can pierce the limitations of the box and birth us into a much larger reality. Usually this birthing is difficult at best. Dreams can help us by:

  • Providing visions of what life outside the box will look like.
  • Showing us the way to get out of the box if we are ready to leave it.
  • Showing us what our role and contributions can be to those still in the box, and those ready to leave the box.

I have often thought that this is one reason why dreams can be so bizarre. They provide symbols that want to pull us away from the usual ways we perceive things so that we can look at something from a different and fresh viewpoint. I think they want to us to see beyond the box.  For example, if I dream of a red eagle talking to me, I may try to imagine what the eagle is telling me beyond its words. How would the eagle perceive me? What is the eagle trying to tell me? Why is it red, and not the usual brown with a white head? Asking and learning from the eagle will provide a new perspective that is entirely out of the box of my conventional, waking mind. Heaven only knows what message will be given.