Working with Dream Themes: Who is Driving Your Car?

One common dream theme is someone besides yourself driving your car. You may be a passenger in the car, but someone else is in control. These dreams can be discomfiting or they can bring insight. One obvious meaning of such a dream would be that one is not in control of one’s life, and someone else is. It’s natural to have dreams like these in times of life reversals or loss where things feel like they are falling apart, going nowhere or out of control.

The dream can have many meanings both negative and positive such as: I am letting someone else control my life or I am being guided by a wiser part of myself. It is for you to find out. After asking what is going on in your life to bring on such a dream, it is good to focus on who exactly is driving the car.
• Who is at the wheel?
• Is this someone I know?
• What energy do I associate with this person?
• Is this a trustworthy figure or a threatening or misleading figure?
• Has this person appeared in my dreams before and under what circumstances?


Just before receiving some sad and dreadful news that upended a lot of hopes and dreams I had this dream of driving my car.

I am driving up a steep hill. Suddenly, the brakes of the car don’t work. My car starts to slide backward. I am terrified. Then two young, strong capable men in an unusual uniform (both of whom I have seen in my dreams before, guiding me) suddenly appear and sit in the front seats, taking control of the car. I am relegated to the back seat. I watch amazed as they make a swift move to the left and the car goes on its way.

After I received the disheartening news, the memory of this dream brought great comfort. These two men had appeared before in dreams and I took them to be spiritual guides because they were so caring for me, helping me at difficult stages in my life. I think of them as angels so I took the dream to mean I was now in the care of angels.  Perhaps I could enjoy this ride at this moment of lack of control, trusting higher wisdom to lead me.