The Dreamscape: Out-of-Body Dwelling or Testing Ground for the Here and Now??

One of the many things we often take for granted every time we dream is the marvelous world we enter into when we dream: the Dreamscape. It is a landscape in another dimension often populated by people and places we oddly know, and by many we don’t know or have yet to discover in the waking dimension. One thing for sure is that it is a fascinating place if you begin to think about it seriously.

Some dream thinkers consider this dimension the place we go after we die. They suggest that you consciously get to know the dreamscape better by requesting dreams that will help you 1) remember your dreams and 2) be awake and aware in your dreams (lucid dreaming.) They say that doing these practices will be good preparation for dying. If you are comfortable and familiar with working with the dreamscape, death and what comes after will be easier to handle when you can no longer return to your body.

Others consider the dreamscape as a sort of universal virtual hologram where our energies meet with the energies of other forces, places and people who are destined for interaction on the earth plane. The purpose of this hologram is to set up the energetic dynamic and interchange before manifesting these energies on the physical plane. This is why observing the choices we make in dreams in so important. If I don’t like the choice I make in dreamtime, I can make another choice when that situation manifests in waking life. That is the real power of dreams. It ‘s not that they foretell the future, it’s that they give you an informed choice! This is my own view after forty years of working with dreams since I believe that everything has its source in the spiritual plane. But who can really say? Maybe I will ask for a dream that will give me the answer! 🙂

A Source of Spiritual Insight: The Appearance of Animals in Dreams and Intuitive Insight

Jesus likening himself to a mother hen

Image via Pinterest.

The animal-human relationship has had a big influence in human psychological development. One way this can be seen is the deep attachment and communication that can happen between a pet owner and the pet. Even with animals in the wild, humans have long looked on magnificent and tiny creatures and wondered at their various gifts such as speed, flight, cunning or strength. It is no wonder that animals often appear in our dreams or intuitive insight. Perhaps we are either being given, or given insight, into that animal’s energy to meet a particular challenge of the moment. It is no wonder that ancient people worshiped animals. They wanted the particular energy associated with that animal to face the tasks ahead so they called upon the spirit of that animal to help them.

Even Jesus recognized the special energy that each animal exhibits. In Luke 13:34 he resonates with the deep caring nature of the mother hen as he compared himself to that humble bird who gathers who her brood under her wings. He could have compared himself to a grand animal of any sort like an eagle or a horse. Instead, he feels great compassion for his people and wants to protect them from the many dangers. Perhaps he is calling on this energy within himself for the tasks lying ahead for him.

Notice when an animal appears in your dreams or meditation. Ask yourself what energies you associate with that animal and then ask why you might need this energy at this time in your life. As a follow-through, try to act with the energy of that animal to meet the challenge facing you.