Do You Need to Communicate Well with the Inner Self to Work with Dreams?

Recently, someone on my email list sent me a question asking if you needed to be at an advanced stage of communicating with the self in order to work with dreams.  It is an interesting question in that you would think that a neophyte might run into all sorts of problems when trying to work with those amazing and sometimes frightening messages that come to us from our deep inner self.  However, psychologists have long noticed that dreams only tell us what we are ready to hear.  We are always protected and will be given only what we can deal with.  So it really doesn’t matter what stage of personal growth you at, a beginner on the journey inward or a seasoned traveler, you will be cared for appropriately by the dreaming mind.  One of the positive messages about nightmares is that even though they might be scary, they are letting the dreamer know this is something the dreamer can handle!

What is Necessary to Work with Dreams: An Open Mind and Trusting Heart

Generally, being willing to work seriously with dreams over an extended period of time requires a certain level of comfort and curiosity with the unknown and emerging sides of one’s self.  After one sees that this emerging content in dreams is healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit, one gains even greater confidence and trust in the process.  This is what eventually enables a person to experience a great deal of growth through dreamwork.  I attribute my kundalini awakening in 2007 to the many years of my dreams preparing me for the experience.  I certainly give credit to my dreams for guiding me and keeping me sane in the transforming process of the kundalini clearings! Through dreamwork, you learn to ask questions of dreams and get responses. As a result, after several years of working with dreams, you will find that you can indeed communicate well with the inner self, no matter where you started at the beginning!

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