The Body as a Receptor and Communicator of Healing Energy

Dreams as Symbols of Energy

An Energy Symbol

As I discovered in my kundalini experience, and as Asian medicine teaches, the human body is a great receptor and communicator of energy. According to Asian medicine, the total body’s energy field connects and communicates with all its parts to keep itself healthy. It seems to hold within it the overseeing intelligence that tells the pancreas to produce insulin, or lets us know to drink fluids when we are thirsty. What is implied is that each of the organs has an intelligence of its own that can communicate with other organs and parts of the body, and that there is a manager handling all this information.

Dream Images Give Us Pictures of our Energy

Intuitive healing basically uses the body’s capacity to receive and transfer energy through its energy field. The body’s five senses, memory, imagination and the so-called sixth sense, intuition, both hold and convey the energy in messages concerning the body, mind or spirit. Content presented in any of these ways through dream, prayer and intuitive meditation can be viewed as representing or symbolizing a piece of energy or information present in the body’s energy field. Thus, we can get a handle on what the body‘s energy field is telling us about our current health status, a possible diagnosis for an issue, or a potential healing treatment. For example, dream images may be symbols of healing energy in the body, or may symbolize the ailment itself. The same can be said about information coming directly or through symbols in intuitive meditation. This means that the body and its organs and all its parts can communicate with us on an energy level if we have the means to listen and be receptive! Being so interconnected means we can proactively request information and get a response on healing issues through dreams and intuitive insight. This truth has been known since ancient times and was used for hundreds of years in aesclepions, the dream healing centers of Greece.

Our Task is to Learn from the Body and Its Energy Field

However, to connect with our intuitive healing capabilities, it helps to know a something about: 1) how this information gets expressed in dreams and intuitive meditation and 2) how energy works in the body. Our task becomes, then, essentially learning from the body and its energy field to teach us how to heal and stay healthy. In a sense, all of us are already doing this when we listen to the needs of our body such as getting some sleep when we feel tired. This self-care can be done on a much more effective and systematic level by doing ongoing dreamwork. Dreamwork focusing on health is about intentionally learning to tune into the needs of our body, emotions and spirit through energy that gets expressed and symbolized in a variety of ways in dreams, intuitive insight and prayer.

8 thoughts on “The Body as a Receptor and Communicator of Healing Energy

  1. OK Fran….I know I comment on every single one of your posts, but they are like GOLD to me. Seriously, THANK YOU. My main interests that occupy much of my thinking mind are the healing properties of meditation, dreams, dream energy, the wisdom of the body, subtle energy and of course, the Mother of it all, Kundalini. For the first time in my life I feel like I have truly found my calling…it really brings tears to my eyes just writing this. The best part about this knowledge is that it is experiential and you are able to realize and EMBODY its truths as you learn to deepen your meditation, dreamwork and body awareness. Your blog is such a WEALTH of information and reaffirms so many of the ideas I am reaching intuitively. So many of your posts feel like a nod from the Universe that I am on the right track as I embrace my increasing interests in energetics, body and dream wisdom. I am incredibly thankful to have connected with you.

    May I please reblog this post on dreamrly??

    • Please repost and thank you for your kind words.  I, too, had a profound kundalini experience and see in your blogs.

      Sent from my Samsung Epic™ 4G TouchFran Kramer wrote:

    • Hi Amanda Love your blogs. Are your writing a book — or have one.

      I am looking for writers on # intuition or spirituality who blog + want to be part of a short blog tour to tell about your book and 3 other writers. Contact me if interested.

      Fran Kramer

  2. Thank you, Fran! Will repost now. Haven’t written a book yet….still very new to this world…currently gaining inner and external knowledge…but maybe all this blogging is for practice…..and finding the courage to do it one day!

  3. Reblogged this on Dreamrly. and commented:
    Please enjoy this wonderful post from Fran Kramer that speaks to the importance of witnessing and honoring the sacred energy found in the body, meditation and in dreams….basically, all of my favorite things!!
    Love, Amanda

  4. Thanks for this article Fran. I too, would like to reblog this if you don’t mind? I came here via Amandaseesdreams, and get so excited about building a network of likeminded (and like-spirited!) individuals who can all share and learn from each other. If you are interested, I have written a little about prodromic dreaming on my own blog here:
    And in a lovely touch of synchronicity have just submitted an article on the healing power of dreams for “The Art of Healing” magazine – my own little nod from the universe! 🙂 Thanks again, and nice to “meet” you.

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