Luke 3: Who are your spiritual mothers and fathers?

Luke lists the genealogy of Jesus to show His connection to the Jewish religious tradition and to all human kind by tracing Jesus’ ancestry back to Adam. Who are your spiritual mothers and fathers?

My spiritual mothers and fathers are those people who taught me how to open doors to intuitive realms of understanding so that I could be receptive to insight from another plane of consciousness other than what is given in the three dimensional “agreed upon” world we live in. This happened in various ways and stages of my life—as I think it does for all people.

Valuing the Imagination

From my father I learned the importance of imagination. Dad was always telling stories and loved things that came from the imagination. With him I learned to play “Let’s Pretend” whereby we would make up scenarios and actions for a story. Appreciating a child’s ability to pretend and imagine is a key step to developing the child’s intuitive powers because so much intuitive information comes through the imagination. If this ability is denigrated, the child will lose all trust in his or her imaginative abilities and tend to see the world in terms of black and white, devoid of life and creativity.

Learning to Pray

From both parents and my older brother I learned to pray. This is nothing less than teaching a child that her requests will be heard by super human powers. Such education empowers a child for life by opening up a very important internal resource for problem solving, healing and creativity. The child learns that he has supernatural help that may come in the form of angels, guides, saints and the divine whenever he needs it.

Learning to be Healed through Dreamwork

In graduate school, a professor of religion was able to teach me how to work with a dream to heal what would today be called a case of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In a lucid dream I was able to access the source of my fears and resolve those fears to the point where I woke up completely healed of the anxiety and the nightmares. Healing took place at a profoundly deep intuitive level.

From this event, this teacher, Dr. Mitsuo Aoki, showed me that indeed the Kingdom of God was within and that this level of healing was what the stories of religion were all about.

Learning to Be Informed by Higher Consciousness

Over a two-year period of weekly meetings, a Japanese nun, Sr. Sanae, taught me the value of ongoing dreamwork to deal in a methodical and systematic way with painful memories, the problems and the obstacles of life. Through her, I learned that my dreams were always there, healing and guiding me. I consider her my spiritual mother in that she gave me continual access to the power of the Great Mother through my dreams. This dreamwork strengthened my belief in the Christian approach as the way for me personally because the spiritual guides who came through and the symbolism that presented itself in dreams were mostly drawn the Christian story.

Learning to Trust Waking Intuition in Major and Minor Situations

Through my work with Henry Reed, Ph.D., Director of the Edgar Cayce Center for Intuitive Studies, I learned to trust my intuition as it works in our waking life. I found that the information received by the body through the imagination could be relied upon just as I could rely upon my dreams. From his Intuitive Heart Discovery Group I learned methods to work with intuition that were quite effective for problem solving, healing and creativity. Again, I discovered that the spiritual guides that came to me through intuitive methods were from the Christian tradition, again affirming for me that my own healing story was rooted in the story of Jesus.

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