Can you work with dreams?

Do you think you are a gifted dreamer like Ashlynn Acosta in Dead Men Do Tell Tales? Take the following poll to find out!

Each of the questions in this poll may indicate how a person’s dream talents manifest in his or her life. Yes, even nightmares are gifts because they have important insights to give us. Dreamwork on a regular basis will mine the jewels that lay hidden in these expressions of dream talent. Which dream talents show up for you?

If you answer “Yes” to most or all of these questions, you indeed possess the gift of dreams! If you are not already doing so, begin the practice of writing down your dreams in a dream journal and use dreamwork methods to draw out their profound insights.

2 thoughts on “Can you work with dreams?

  1. I know that intuitive dreams can help solve problems in the waking world. I can recall several instances, the most recent being a few months ago, when I was able to solve a problem by utilizing a solution that came to me in a dream. Usually my unconscious mind continues to work out a problem, for example with a home improvement project, after my conscious mind has already moved on to other things.

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