Ashlynn Acosta: A Teen Detective with an Intuitive Edge

We Didn’t Learn Intuition with Our ABC’s
Because our culture doesn’t foster the development of intuition in the school system, many of us grew up honing our left brain reasoning and math skills. Right brain activity was like the abandoned orphan few paid close attention to, except in a rare art, creative writing or music class. Almost never was an intuitive approach applied to math and science, even though the great Einstein set the standard for applying dreams and intuition to scientific progress. He had the creative edge that brought in a whole new way of looking at our universe.
As with every other talent, some are born more gifted in dreams and intuition than others but that doesn’t mean we can’t develop our potential just as we did for algebra, chemistry or essay writing. While many people have experienced a gratifying “Ahaa!” of understanding that came when they desperately needed it; unfortunately, most people don’t recognize the value or even the need to intentionally develop intuition. These amazing abilities are often left to run on their own without us ever purposefully tapping into them to problem solve or create.

Intuitive Gifts are often the Silver Lining
For many of us, intuitive gifts emerge at time of major crisis. Their profundity and dramatic entrances often initially cause more disruption and confusion to an already jolted life before the meaning of the inspirations set in and the gifts becomes apparent. However, these insights become the means that heals the grief, presents a new vision, or completes the transformation.

Ashlynn Acosta Investigates Using Clues from Dreams

Ashlynn Acosta Investigates Using Clues from Dreams

In Dead Men Do Tell Tales, Ashlynn experiences just this with the death of her mother. She is presented with horrific nightmares that she learns to turn into healing blessings. Her profusion of dreams opens up to her new psychic abilities, along with the question of how to use these gifts. She realizes she can help solve a crime by doing more than her detective father, who just relies of his hunches and traditional gumshoe investigation. She can ask specific questions and get results, if not pat answers. She can rely on her intuition in doing remote viewing (RV) to help find clues. Ashlynn also has the courage it takes to work with nightmares or to question her own false assumptions and prejudices not based on inner wisdom. She has the trust that is necessary to go into unknown places. She has the edge in detecting the intuitive mind that will bring the game changing answers.

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