Detecting the Intuitive Mind

FranKramer_DeadMenDoTellTalesI am a writer, educator and life coach whose passion is communicating the power of dreams and intuition to problem solve, create, heal and grow spiritually in a dynamic, complex and multi-cultural society where no one point of view prevails. There is an ever increasing need to venture inward to discover the inner compass and find answers that take into account all views and yet respect the integrity of the individual. I write about and teach dreamwork and intuition for people of all ages, recognizing that people in different age groups face dilemmas pertinent to the challenges of their age groups.

This blogsite offers many short yet practical tips for understanding dreams and how they can help problem solve, create, heal and help us grow spiritually.  Please take a look and some of the entries!  You might want to subscribe and get my regular updates.

My interest in dreamwork began when I came down with what today is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after being in a plane hijacking and a very challenging stint in the army during the Vietnam War era. In the early 1970’s, with the help of Dr. Mitsuo Aoki, I worked with a single recurrent nightmare to experience a powerful healing within the dream that freed me from the anxiety and nightmares. It was then that I realized the inner resources we carry around within ourselves. A Master’s Degree in Asian Studies (Religion and Philosophy) in 1975 honed my interest in observing how the mind works. For several years, I taught college level classes on World Religions, Comparative Mysticism, Death and Dying and the Meaning of Existence. For the rest of my life I continued to record and work with my dreams, reading every book I could find about dreams. I began to teach classes on dreams and dreamwork at college, hospital, community and church venues, and continue to do so now as part of my work through The Healing Dream Garden LLC. (

In 2008 I began to seriously study intuition by connecting to and getting training from the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies where I took an online course on remote viewing (RV). I also received course training and was eventually certified as an Intuitive Heart™ trainer in 2011. I am currently the editor of and a contributor to the Intuitive HeartBeat, a newsletter for the Intuitive Heart™ program. I have taught courses on intuition at the Osher Life Long Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Hawaii.

Writing has always been an important facet of my work. As for mystery writing, in 2007 and 2008 I was contracted as an assistant editor by Gallopade International to help develop and edit five mystery novels for young readers. These books, now published, are:

The Mystery In Icy Antarctica (working title: The Phantom Penguin Mystery), Gallopade International, 2008
The Mystery of the Haunted Ghost Town, Gallopade International, 2008
The Mystery at Mount Fuji, Gallopade International, 2007
The Horrendous Hurricane Mystery, Gallopade International, 2007
The Treacherous Tornado Mystery, Gallopade International, 2007

Through this work, I was able to hone my skills as a writer and editor of the mystery story genre. These books are essentially about kids learning to problem solve mysteries in cross-cultural and foreign settings.

Teens face the problems of trying to understand the society they are just entering, their ambivalent and growing independence from their parents and the need to learn to problem solve on their own in all aspects of their lives.

In Dead Men Do Tell Tales, a gutsy teen, Ashlynn Acosta, faces not only the challenge of entering high school and dealing with different kinds of people but also the loss of her mother, the emotional distancing of her father and a murder in which her friend is a prime suspect. These complex situations call for a deep intuitive approach free from prejudice and fear. A fast paced story, filled with twists and turns, draws the reader in to explore the workings of intuition as Ashlynn brings light and truth to her situation. The reader not only gets a good read but sees how intuition can be used methodically to gain specific and intentional insight which does not rely on some vague “Aha” out of the blue.

In writing the book, I bring over 40 years of dreamwork, a strong background and training in intuition as well as experience as an assistant editor in helping to develop and edit five published mystery stories for young readers. I have also lived in Taiwan, Japan and the United States for long periods of time, bringing a wealth of cross-cultural experience to my writing and work.

I feel that my work and experience in dreams, intuition, and mystery writing well prepared me to write Dead Men Do Tell Tales.

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